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SPECTA with you now and in the mobile

Every year the take-up of cell-phone applications for the Internet access is growing very rapidly. SPECTA keeps up to date and we announce the start-up of a new version of our site intended for cell-phones. You can easily visit it; just type in the browser of your cell-phone the address www.specta.ru/m. The chosen technology of cell-phone applications development is BitrixMobile. The main modern platforms like iPhone 3 and 4, iPad, Windows Phone 7, Android, Blackberry, Symbian support it.

The site mobile version is adapted for work on small screens of mobile devices, contains minimum graphic elements and flash-animation that surely speeds up work of the site and allows a visitor to use it without any problems. Volume of Internet-traffic usage by cell-phone is minimized.

All the basic functions are available in the mobile version of the site, that’s why it can operate, like the main site of the company.

Mobile version of the site allows our customers and partners to have access to the information about SPECTA products and services whenever they need it.

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