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SPECTA updated the range of automatic packaging equipment
SPECTA updated the range of automatic packaging equipment

Meeting the increasing demands of customers and requirements for packaging, SPECTA significantly updated and expanded the range of automated packaging equipment.

We offer new automatic machines models SPECTA VR88, VR80, PR99, OR60 for horizontal or vertical PET strapping of various industrial goods. Automatic strapping provides the integrity and stiffness of packed materials what is important for long-term storage and transportation of goods.

For packing sawn timber, bricks, tiles, boxes SPECTA offers thermo shrink machines SPECTA AV2, SH51, FG120. Thanks to heat shrink film products are securely fixed in multipacks and protected from environmental effects.

Another new model of packing machine SPECTA STH 41 takes advantage of modern stretch-hood technology. As there is no need to heat the film it is cost-effective, safe and suitable for different sizes of products. The machine provides water resistance package, since the film covers the entire pallet and goes under it. The method guarantees horizontal and vertical hold up of products.

Equipment can be made according to customer requirements and integrated into production lines.

Following the strategy of complex packaging solutions, SPECTA provides installation, full service and spare parts delivery through its network of offices across Russia and the CIS. The maintenance is performed by certified specialists trained by European manufacturers.

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