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SPECTA celebrates its adulthood!

We are finally adult! We are 18! This is a significant figure in people’s lives, and for the company it is also a long term. And we welcome the date with new achievements. This year in May a new line of PET strap production was commissioned. Now we can offer to Russian enterprises domestic PET strap SPECTA BRAVA of European quality!

During this time our company has passed the way from a small trading company to a leading production organization in the packaging market of Russia and CIS. We have managed to make people understand the importance of transport packing for industrial enterprises. This helped to increase competitiveness of our clients’ products and save the losses during transportation. We have created a sales network, logistic and service departments, opened 13 regional offices and warehouses, started the production of steel and PET straps.

Our SPECTA brand has a reputation of high quality products; our partners are the biggest metallurgy enterprises, wood processing and construction enterprises and over 1000 small and medium companies from Russia and abroad. For 18 years we have gained invaluable experience in different fields of production, commerce, communication with clients and partners, and on its basis we have developed complex solutions in packaging of different industrial products taking into account all clients needs. Our automatic packaging lines are successfully working for already several years at different enterprises. In 2010 a new line of SPECTA tools was suggested to clients. The tools were developed for different types and volumes of products: SPECTA SAMURAI, SPECTA SUMO, SPECTA KRONOS, SPECTA ASAHI and others. Also for our clients we have developed different marking solutions using bar-coding, thermo printers and high tensile tags and labels SPECTA POLYPLAST, SPECTA ULTRAPLAST and SPECTA TERMOPLAST.

2 years ago SPECTA progressed to a new stage – we started to export our own high quality products to other countries. SPECTA is well known as a supplier of high tensile steel strap SPECTA PRIMA not only in Russia but also in Ukraine, Kazakhstan as well as in Europe and Asia.

All this came to life thanks to the chosen strategy and the best team of SPECTA. People are the main value of the company. That is why we would like to wish SPECTA team and its clients, partners, suppliers to have joint success and prosperity in the future

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